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May 17 2018 - May 20 2018


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Voice and Exit 2018


“If TED and Burning Man had a baby, it would be Voice & Exit”

Voice & Exit is this generation’s conference and festival of the future. We bring together thought leaders, community builders and innovators from diverse backgrounds who share a common goal: to maximize human flourishing.

We live in a world limited by outdated institutions and social models. But as Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Join a global group of Exiters who aren’t f*cking around when it comes to transforming our world. Learn, collaborate, experiment and connect with like-minded people who are ready to criticize by creating.

Event Experience

Seeds – Live talks from visionaries in a cinematic format.
Sprouts – Interactive workshops and discussions.
Blooms – Otherworldly performances, music, tech and art installations.
Harvest – Integration and reflection sessions to maximize the effectiveness of what you have learned.


Mastermind – Exclusive presentations, networking, and dinners with the speakers.

Future Cities Forum – What will the cities of the future look like? How will they operate? How will we improve our lives by shifting paradigms and creating new models in life, transportation, commerce and law? Join those on the leading edge who are working to establish the protocols, write the laws, build the infrastructure and develop the systems that will allow the communities of tomorrow to emerge.


The era of coercion is passing away. The era of Cooperation and Connection has just begun.

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